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Welcome to Testcontainers for Go!

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About Testcontainers for Go

Testcontainers for Go is a Go package that makes it simple to create and clean up container-based dependencies for automated integration/smoke tests. The clean, easy-to-use API enables developers to programmatically define containers that should be run as part of a test and clean up those resources when the test is done.

To start using Testcontainers for Go please read our quickstart guide.


Inline documentation and docs where the code live is crucial for us. Go has nice support for them and we provide examples as well. Check it out at

Who is using Testcontainers Go?

  • Elastic - Testing of the APM Server, and E2E testing for Beats
  • Telegraf - Integration testing the plugin-driven server agent for collecting & reporting metrics
  • Intel - Reference implementation design E2E testing for microservice-based solutions
  • OpenTelemetry - Integration testing of the OpenTelemetry Collector receivers


This project is opensource and you can have a look at the code on GitHub. See LICENSE.

Copyright (c) 2018-present Gianluca Arbezzano and other authors. Check out our lovely contributors.