Build from Dockerfile

Testcontainers-go gives you the ability to build an image and run a container from a Dockerfile.

You can do so by specifying a Context (the filepath to the build context on your local filesystem) and optionally a Dockerfile (defaults to "Dockerfile") like so:

req := ContainerRequest{
        FromDockerfile: testcontainers.FromDockerfile{
            Context: "/path/to/build/context",
            Dockerfile: "CustomDockerfile",

Dynamic Build Context

If you would like to send a build context that you created in code (maybe you have a dynamic Dockerfile), you can send the build context as an io.Reader since the Docker Daemon accepts is as a tar file, you can use the tar package to create your context.

To do this you would use the ContextArchive attribute in the FromDockerfile struct.

var buf bytes.Buffer
tarWriter := tar.NewWriter(&buf)
// ... add some files
if err := tarWriter.Close(); err != nil {
    // do something with err
reader := bytes.NewReader(buf.Bytes())
fromDockerfile := testcontainers.FromDockerfile{
    ContextArchive: reader,

Please Note if you specify a ContextArchive this will cause testcontainers to ignore the path passed in to Context