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Log Wait strategy

The Log wait strategy will check if a string occurs in the container logs for a desired number of times, and allows to set the following conditions:

  • the string to be waited for in the container log.
  • the number of occurrences of the string to wait for, default is 1.
  • the startup timeout to be used in seconds, default is 60 seconds.
  • the poll interval to be used in milliseconds, default is 100 milliseconds.
req := ContainerRequest{
    Image:        "",
    ExposedPorts: []string{"3306/tcp", "33060/tcp"},
    Env: map[string]string{
        "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD": "password",
        "MYSQL_DATABASE":      "database",
    WaitingFor: wait.ForLog("port: 3306  MySQL Community Server - GPL"),