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  • Star the project on Github and help spread the word :)
  • Join our Slack workspace
  • Post an issue if you find any bugs
  • Contribute improvements or fixes using a Pull Request. If you're going to contribute, thank you! Please just be sure to:
    • discuss with the authors on an issue ticket prior to doing anything big.
    • follow the style, naming and structure conventions of the rest of the project.
    • make commits atomic and easy to merge.
    • when updating documentation, please see our guidance for documentation contributions.
    • when updating the go.mod file, please run make tidy-all to ensure all modules are updated. It will run golangci-lint with the configuration set in the root directory of the project. Please be aware that the lint stage could fail if this is not done.
    • apply format running make lint
      • For examples: make -C examples lint
      • For modules: make -C modules lint
    • verify all tests are passing. Build and test the project with make test-all to do this.
      • For a given module or example, go to the module or example directory and run make test.